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Truth is What is Proven

Eric's Weight

Eric TWO YEARS Later

Who could have imagined this would still be dragging on two years later? Eric has posted a photo of himself in a dentist's office. He is wearing the same hoodie from the March 2016 photo.

Top left photo is March 2015. Top right photos are from the time spent in Louisiana, March 2016.

With March 2017 just days away, Eric remains in Indiana persisting with his claims that a sponsor will have him back on the road very soon.

Click to watch the Dr Phil show which includes a segment on how Eric's weight has barely changed in a year.

Eric a Year Later

By his own admission, Eric has lost 13 pounds in 19 months.
Eric posted the April 18 pic as proof that he's lost "nearly 100 lbs." Color balance in the photo is very off but if you look carefully you can see he is wearing the same shirt. Note the pocket and the small light stain on the opposite side. So how much difference do YOU see?
The blurry picture was intended to show that the shorts were so baggy, they now fall off him. I suspect he simply held them up unzipped and dropped them.
Angie attempted to post comparison photos of Eric in the infamous "AeroTech Colossal Big Man's Loose Fit Cycling Jersey." Besides the fact that the highly disparate photos prove nothing, she's claiming that Eric has progressed to wearing a smaller shirt. But has he?
In many New Orleans photos, the tell-tale cigarette burn hole is clearly visible in Eric's shirt. He is not wearing a new shirt.

UPDATE APRIL 19, 2016: Personal Trainer Food has announced they are no longer providing their meals to Eric. PTF's requirement was that Eric had to lose 8% of his bodyweight per month to continue to receive the meals and they are now stopped after just one month.

A Year on the Road
June 13, 2016 and Eric is celebrating his one year out on the road. What has he accomplished in a year? He's lost at least 20, probably more like 30 thousand dollars or more!

AeroTech Designs recently sent Eric more shirts in the same size but he's not wearing them. Why? My guess is because they're not all stretched out like "Old Grody" with the burn hole. Many people think Eric looks like he's gained weight. It's amazing how he's managed to avoid losing weight.

the man never looks any different

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What a Difference a Year Makes

I Lost Half My Bodyweight

Compare these dated photos and you don't have to argue over nuances. I look like a completely different person.

Eric was "off to the gym"? I joined a gym too. I joined the Health Club in my building. The expiration date on the first card is February 2006. It was a six month membership; I joined in September 2005. By June 2007, do you need to discuss if I look any different?

Eric and Angie chose to believe the crazy rantings of some blogger who does not know me. I do not have a "fake" name. My middle name is Dona. I am named after my father whose middle name is Donald. When I lost so much weight, people didn't recognize me. I started going by Dagny.

A Decade of Keeping the Weight Off

Me around 2004 and me on Dr. Phil. Eric can talk trash about me when he's accomplished what I have.

What's This About a Trademark?

I set up a CafePress account to make some funny items for the members of my Facebook group.

Larry Landsman found the CafePress page. I hadn't publicized it so I don't know how he happened upon it. Larry claimed Trademark Infringment against me.

I did a search for this trademark Larry claimed was being infringed upon and couldn't find a filing. I was being served ads for quick and easy trademark filing so I figured if I filed, this trademark I had infringed upon would be found through a search by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

But there was no trademark. Larry had claimed infringement for a trademark that no one had ever filed.

Eric is claiming that I am trying to "steal" something he doesn't own. He's saying he's used the phrase as a "working title" for FIVE YEARS. But in all that time apparently it was never important enough for him to file for a trademark and make it "official." The trademark application was initiated in December 2015 and filed in February 2016. I did not hire a lawyer or do any research besides a basic trademark search which was part of the filing process. I have paid only filing fees. The application was reviewed in May and is currently awaiting my response to Larry's "Letter of Protest." I have six months to respond. The filing is public information.

Eric blames the Proclaimers? Five years ago in 2011, he was working at an office job where he spent his days making pirate ships. He and Angie were not separated. So this claim that he got the idea last year when he was out of work, had lost his wife, and HEARD THAT SONG....?

Update: December 5, 2016

The six month review period has ended. My trademark application has been officially declined on the grounds that there could be potential confusion. BUT Eric has yet to actually file himself! He has some rights automatically by having used the "Fat Guy Across America" phrase but he could not sue for money damages if someone else used the phrase for financial gain. He really couldn't do anything without a lawyer—an ACTUAL lawyer not his pretend lawyer—so he needs to take care of it. The cost to file is only $225 and he claimed he was "making it official" so come on, Eric. Just click HERE. And remember. It's public information so don't lie about it.

Update: April 2017

Want to see the entire trademark application and all of Larry's correspondence? Visit this site United States Patent and Trademark Office and search for Serial Number 86907188. Spoiler Alert: Eric still does not own the trademark.

Angie's Crusade

Eric had claimed he was going to file a Federal restraining order against me. Perhaps I'll be served around the time Angie's case against me reaches the Supreme Court.

UPDATE August 2016: Still awaiting the debut of Angie's anti-bullying blog or any information about her courageous crusade to save kids from travesties, monsters, and suicide consequences.

Why This Page?

I have never made any statement that I do not want my involvement with this whole debacle to not be discussed. Of course I do not want lies spread about me but for anyone to believe they cannot even mention my name is just stupid. To go along with someone's "rule" that my name cannot be mentioned is juvenile.

In 2016 I deleted or inactivated all my personal social media accounts. I also deleted the Cognitive Dissonance Facebook group. I did it because I am tired of all the people who post about me as if they think they are posting facts. No, I wasn't harassed after Dr Phil and no my mother was not harassed either. No one has filed legal action against me. I do not post under fake accounts. "DagnyK" on the GOMI site is not me; I have not posted there in many months. I do not have any websites about cycling. I do not make fat shaming posts. I'm not on Medicaid or disability and I'm a decade too young for Medicare. I am not ghostwriting Eric's book. I do not have any kind of arrangement with Eric or his alleged "producer." I did not "stalk" him when he happened to be in my hometown while I was visiting for my mother's birthday. I spent the time with my parents and did nothing that I don't always do when I am at home. Given the incredibly coincidental timing, I did ask the members of the CD group to alert me if Eric posted his location as I did not monitor his Facebook page. As it turned out, he never posted anything and I did not "physically track" him. I don't even know how I would have done that. Besides, I was there to spend time with my mother who was turning 78.

I was contacted by the Dr Phil show; I had nothing to do with arranging the appearance for myself or the Hites. I was never told how the show became aware of Eric and the controversy surrounding him. It's my understanding that Eric himself told the show producers who I was. I agreed to appear on the show because I was offered a four-day trip to LA and it seemed that without the information amassed by the CD group, they wouldn't really have a show. I agreed to organize the compiled information which consisted primarily of screen shots from the Hites' various Facebook pages. The producers did not want to do a "family intervention." They wanted to focus on whether the "haters" were accurately calling Eric out. The producers asked to be added to my personal Facebook account and to the CD group. Besides the time on the show and a couple hours answering questions in front of a camera (which was really fun), my time in LA was free to go sightseeing and see friends. I was put up in a really fabulous hotel off Hollywood Boulevard which was great. I do not know where the Hites were put up but I was told it was NOT at my hotel. I was given a generous per diem for food at the hotel. I was not compensated in any other way for appearing. Being on a national TV show was a once-in-a-lifetime experience I do not regret though ultimately I was not pleased with my performance on the show. Not only was everything extemporaneous and unexpected but I was freezing cold and physically very uncomfortable in the clothes, shoes, makeup, helmet hair, and audio wiring they put me in. I was particularly uncomfortable that I could not put my feet down and they dangled off the chair. I trembled from the cold throughout the show. I did leave my dressing room when I was not supposed to and ran into Eric and Angie after the show. Angie did threaten to beat me up but went to go smoke instead. Prior to flying out to LA, I was not asked to send photos of my teeth though I was asked to describe their condition. I was asked about tattoos or if I had any kind of physical irregularity. When I was being made up for the show, the makeup artist told me that people who have bad teeth are given temporary veneers that are intended to last only until a person eats for the first time after the show.

I have never been "obsessed" with Eric. Disgusted by him, yes. Oddly fascinated by the insanity of it all, yes. I started the Cognitive Dissonance on a Bike Facebook group after reading about Eric being stranded in Tiverton, Rhode Island. I was so stunned by his seemingly willful—and potentially life-threatening—ignorance that I wanted to chat about it with anyone else who may have picked up on the bizarre story. The group simply took off. It was always a private group and inaccessible by the public. I became inextricably associated with the reputation it developed, fueled mostly by the Hites' manipulation of their followers with claims of victimization and hater harassment. A vertible body of folklore has developed around me. People claim to remember incidents that never happened. Several false stories originated from opinions and comments posted in discussion threads and then repeated as if they were facts. People became so involved with the group that some I banned have held grudges against me ever since, generally spreading lies and behaving like teen-age mean girls. There were only about 30-some people total who were ever banned. I banned Paul Nolan for posting that the group was about fat shaming. He sent me harassing emails for several months. He has since invented a story making himself out to be a victim. I did not reveal Nolan's name until someone else claimed I'd accused him of sending me the series of emails. I always knew the emails came from Nolan. I do believe there is a particular person who has incited others to send me harassing messages on Facebook. I was sent thousands. At this time, I continue to receive emails from people with a need to attempt to insult me. I left the CD group myself several months ago but since I would always have been associated with it, I ultimately decided to get rid of it.

This page is intended to provide the truth and dispel the lies spread by the Hites and those former members of the CD group who've never gotten over having been booted from a Facebook group.

As for my book... I self-published in 2012 after maintaining a significant weight loss for seven years. I did all the production and promoted it myself. It was professionally edited. It sold well enough to provide me with an income for over two years. I stopped actively promoting it around mid-2014 but it continues to sell every month. Sales have spiked this year thanks to the Hites' frequent mentions of me. It is neither a weight loss memoir nor a "how to." It does not include a "weight loss plan." I have never bragged about my weight loss; rather my book includes a section warning against becoming overzealous after losing weight. I have since consulted on several self-publishing projects. My Book & Former Blog